by Josephine Papst

Preface to the second edition

The Karl-Franzens-University of Graz in Austria still supports plagiarists and repeated scientific crime through all the legal institutions in Austria, such as the case "SFB Moderne" - documented here in its basics - shows.

From November 2000 to July 15th, 2006 the documentaion of the basics of this scientific crime case with the title The problem of systematic manipulation in Austrian institutions of science and law was available under . However, the capacity of the server of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz in AUSTRIA was exhausted, so that the University was forced to delete the publication. Not only the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz had entirely unarticulated problems with this publication, but also the lawyer and professor of copyright at the University of Vienna and other Austrian Universities Michel Walter who produced a faked document to provide a piece of evidence of the unavailability of this publication. Michel Walter did need the faked proof to continue the crime successfully in court - Landesgericht für Zivilrechtssachen, Wien - in 2002. In addition to that Michel Walter claimed that the online-publication mentioned above is written in English, a fact that is regarded as a severe provocation of the Austrian Courts.

All these facts might have been a good reason for the disappearance of the publication.

The actual disappearance of the publication on July 15th, 2006 from the server of the Karl-Franzens-University of Graz is a symbolic gesture of what happened in the institutional background in sciences and law, nationally and internationally, since the year 1993, in which the repeated crime started.

The final questions of the first edition were and still are:

  • Why did the lawyer Michel Walter not take the necessary steps against the false statutory declaration by the professor of philosophy Rudolf Haller?
  • Why did the lawyer Michel Walter refuse to take the necessary steps against the court fraud and the repeated scientific fraud in order to fulfil his duties as a lawyer?
  • This crime is still on as a repeated crime and fraud court case.

A first answer to the questions above:

  • It becomes clearer and more and more evident by proof that the lawyer Michel Walter was and is still actively engaged himself in the repeated crime in scientific and legal institutions in Austria.

Besides the facts mentioned above I was asked very often to publish this investigation again because of its high importance for the recognition of institutional malpractice, scientific fraud and plagiarism in Austian institutions of science and research, and institutional malpractice in Austrian courts. Austria is said to be a western democratic country, and in westerns democratic contries such an institutional malpractice seems and is said not to exist at all. However, the documented crime case shows that we are mistaken.

Therefore, I decided to prepare this second edition.

The case documented here shows that in Austria the institutions of science and law do not only work correctly, but that they have also the capacity to work in an entirely repressive manner in order eliminate victims of plagiarism, scientific fraud, institutional malpractice, and of all the criminal activities in repetition that have to be committed to make the scientific and institutional crime to a success of the universities in Austria.

Josephine Papst
Graz, November 11th, 2006